Financial Performance
& Risk Management

Enjoy easier access to the solutions you use every day to manage your performance, while lowering or eliminating upfront costs for more immediate value.

Performance management is typically slow, reactive and disjointed from the operational execution of the strategy. Operational activities may be driven by strategy, but there has historically been no way of monitoring actual performance against strategic goals and making adjustments accordingly. With Intelligent Workplace from Fiserv, strategies are modeled and tested before being connected to an operational budget.

Intelligent Workplace provides financial institutions with a simpler and more cost-effective way to access financial performance and financial risk management applications from Fiserv to help control performance and achieve desired results.

A Web-based, single sign-on platform, Intelligent Workplace supports the following Fiserv solutions:

  • Prologue Financial Accounting Services
  • Vantage Risk and Budgeting Manager
  • Intelligent Workplace: Financial Performance Indicators
  • Credit Risk Modeler
  • Trend Modeler
  • Prepayment Modeler

Enjoy the Advantages of a Hosted Solution

With Intelligent Workplace, Fiserv is now able to offer clients the opportunity to run financial accounting and financial risk management applications in a hosted environment, helping reduce the financial and logistical burden associated with implementing and maintaining software. As an ASP solution, Intelligent Workplace offers:

  • No footprint on client workstations or servers
  • Flexible financial terms with minimal or no upfront costs
  • Quick and simple installation


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