Financial Performance
& Risk Management

Courses Offered

Fiserv offers custom education courses covering such topics as:

  • Fundamentals Of Interest-Rate Risk Management
  • Validating the A/L Modeling Process
  • Developing an Effective A/L Management Process
  • Profitability and Capital Assignment
  • Making Customer Profitability Information Invaluable
  • Profitability Measurement in Financial Institutions
  • Valuation Concepts and Analysis - Their Use in A/L Management
  • Funds Transfer Pricing: A Case Study
  • Derivatives and Their Use in A/L Management

Course content

Fiserv has a number of course modules which can be tailored to the specific goals, skill/experience levels of participants and participant functions of each engagement. Please contact Orlando B. Hanselman, education programs director, or call him at  (800) 872 7882  to customize an education program for your needs.

Course locations vary. Custom courses can be presented at the customer’s site or location of choice.


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