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Fiserv believes that software is only one component of effective financial management processes. Without understanding the processes themselves and their underlying concepts, software applications are employed in a vacuum with little chance of providing a significant contribution to improving financial performance. When managers are armed with knowledge of processes, concepts and methods used during delivery of the information, they can more effectively apply this information to the challenges facing financial institutions today.

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As financial institutions around the world move away from traditional siloed approaches toward a single corporate performance management framework and struggle through the complex issues surrounding profit and capital value performance assessments, education is more important than ever. As a recognized expert in contemporary financial management education, Risk & Compliance offers practical and conceptual courses on the financial topics most critical to financial services organizations, including profitability measurement, balance-sheet risk management, performance forecasting and capital adequacy. In addition to standardized programs, we provide customized educational services used around the globe by financial institutions, regulators and consultants.

Education Format to Fit Your Needs:

  • In-depth analyses of the challenging financial management issues facing financial institutions today
  • Objective presentations of the latest concepts, techniques and best practices that can help your bottom line thrive
  • Principles that hone your organization’s balance-sheet management and profitability measurement processes
  • Customized programs that use your own balance-sheet data, taking education out of the realm of theory and into the real world

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Fiserv is a registered provider of continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Let us bring insight and clarity to the complex industry issues you face. Contact our education programs director, Orlando B. Hanselman, education programs director, at (814) 248-0271  

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