Streamlining Financial Accounting Processes to Deliver Impactful Results

To gain an edge over the competition, financial institutions must be able to effectively manage resources while reducing costs

Having the right solution in place can help streamline your financial accounting operations to deliver the real-time enterprise data which supports strategic decision making.

Watch this recorded webinar presented by Maureen Bowers, Product Manager, Prologue, Fiserv, to learn more about how Prologue Financials from Fiserv delivers consistent, reliable data about daily financial operations to increase data accuracy, support accounting process automation, and create efficiencies that enable time and resources to be directed to strategic, profitable activity.Secure your seat today and discover how your institution can achieve a greater level of efficiency and better control of its financial performance.

Rev Up Your Financial Accounting 

Watch this on-line recorded webinar and discover how your institution can:

 start_computer_icon   -  Achieve a greater level of efficiency
-  Gain better control of its financial performance


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Fiserv is a global organization with more than 13,000 clients and takes pride in its mission to enable clients to achieve best-in-class results.

With Frontier Reconciliation you can:

• Achieve operational efficiency gains of 60-80%
• Mitigate compliance risk with an automated full audit trail
• Close financials faster – by an average of 2-4 days