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Fiserv Secure Website content has moved to C3

All product documentation and training materials formerly found on this secure website have now been moved to the Publications page of our Collaborative Care Center, commonly called C3. 

C3 is a 24x7 self-service web portal for use by clients to create and manage their own support cases and to access  product documentation and training  material. Please call Client Services with any questions and for assistance in setting up C3 for your institution.

We also have a new Secure File Transfer system for upload and download of client files and software releases and updates.  Your institution will require a new account and log-in credentials for each user you plan to authorize to access the Secure File Transfer system.  To initiate a request for an institution account and user log-in credential, please submit a C3 case by selecting the Risk & Performance Solutions product line and any product listed for your institution, or contact support by phone at 800-947-0047.  Once your institution account and user log-in credentials have been established, you can access the Secure File Transfer system at:


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