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Trend Modeler

Account for Seasonality Effects and Trends for More Accurate Forecasting

While most banks and credit unions account for trends and seasonality when forecasting, they typically rely on generalized assumptions based on simple trends or customized manual analytics, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

Designed to provide a more accurate and precise forecasting process, Trend Modeler from Fiserv is a sophisticated online solution that allows you to analyze historical customer data and calculate forward-looking estimates that include trend and seasonality components.

Better Risk Management, Budgeting and Forecasting

Trend Modeler is a cost-effective, easy-to-use analytical tool that helps financial institutions improve cash flow forecasting to assure prudent risk management and forecasting processes. It also enhances forecasting accuracy by accounting for seasonality variations.

In addition, Trend Modeler helps ensure regulatory compliance for documented analysis of trends and seasonality.

Analysis Managed by You, Not a Third Party
Performing historical analysis on customer data is an important foundation to assure good assumptions for the future. Trend Modeler provides the ability to perform a historical time series analysis on a variety of balance sheet or income statement values, from deposits to fees, in order to capture seasonality and long-term trends.

Users import or manually enter a series of data points such as balances, deposits or fees and the beginning date for the first data point. Trend Modeler performs time series analysis on the data provided and generates statistical forecasts based on the results.

Your Unique Data for Your Unique Strategy
Forecasts generated with Trend Modeler provide a valuable component when developing your overall business strategy or making tactical decisions. Understanding how seasonal factors impact the historical trends inherent in your institution will help you more precisely forecast the future impact of prospective decisions, business strategies and changing business conditions on current and future balance sheet and income levels.


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