Financial Performance
& Risk Management

Hit your ALM targets with precision

Providing accurate data and flexible tools, Vantage can help you achieve your A/L management, planning, budgeting and reporting objectives. Vantage's easy-to-use features substantially improve your productivity and decision making, while ensuring your decision tools and technology investment.

Vantage provides a clear picture

Vantage's A/L management capabilities can provide a view into the risks inherent in your current position and those associated with new business volume. Incorporating interest-sensitivity assumptions with management's forecasts for account growth and interest rates, Vantage analyzes interest-rate risk position and enables users to test various business strategies.

Vantage will help you better understand your current position and the impact of future business activity, providing greater insight into the structure and value of your balance sheet, and decreasing the amount of guesswork needed to plan net interest income.

Vantage an ideal, flexible solution

Vantage is the ideal solution for your budgeting and planning needs. Its flexible modeling and forecasting tools help you build a better blueprint for success — now and in the future.

Streamlining and consolidating budget development into a logical and organized process are fundamental design elements within Vantage. The system is rich with features to make the process of building and analyzing your budget much easier.

Vantage offers powerful analysis

The reporting and analysis engine within Vantage is specifically designed to focus responsibility center managers, budget analysts and senior management on the essential issues related to the development and execution of the business plan.

Vantage provides tremendous flexibility in tailoring the system to fit your unique needs. When to take a summary or detailed perspective is determined by the user. An unlimited, intuitive and highly adaptive chart of accounts can be maintained, thus supporting a variety of important financial management activities such as forecasting, budgeting or regulatory analysis.

Ease of use: a Vantage hallmark

The system's flexible, easy-to-use, custom report writer produces budget versus actual variance reports, and supports monthly, quarterly and annual reporting for up to 10 years (120 months).

Vantage offers features that give you an intuitive environment in which to work, with key utility or maintenance functions a mere mouse-click away.

  • Full IRR Analysis supporting both current and future views of your risk position
  • Balance sheet and cash flow projections supported by "assumption builders," user-defined prepayment speeds and flexible forecasting abilities
  • Net economic value calculations
  • Yield curve simulations
  • Automatic rate shocks
  • Comprehensive budgeting features supporting both top-down and bottom-up budget development at the responsibility center level
  • Powerful charting and graphing capabilities to help you quickly transform analysis into effective decisions
  • Expansive reporting features including pre-defined and custom reporting that supports both management and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Enhanced security
  • A software platform that leverages Vantage uses the latest Microsoft technologies (.NET and SQL server).

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