Financial Performance
& Risk Management

 Prologue Accounts Payable

Prologue Accounts Payable allows for automated processing of all accounts payable transactions, including check writing and vendor tracking. Not only does the system streamline the day-to-day payables process, it is a key source of management and accounting information. Simplify processing and record keeping without sacrificing the flexibility to customize them for your unique requirements.

Additional system features:

  • Transactions can be entered for any month or period, eliminating labor-intensive month- and year-end closing processes
  • Information storage for an unlimited number of periods.
  • Seamless integration with Prologue Fixed Assets and Prologue General Ledger
  • Drill-down capabilities between Prologue Accounts Payable, Prologue Fixed Assets, and Prologue General Ledger allow for easy research and issue resolution
  • Ability to attach documents, spreadsheets, and images to accounts payable records for future research
  • 16-character vendor identifiers
  • Vendor default settings for credit limit, minimum payment, general ledger accounts, payment terms
  • Stores multiple payment and purchasing addresses for each vendor
  • Full voiding capabilities - vouchers are automatically made available for payment after check voiding
  • Bank reconciliation module available
  • Automatic check generation for vendor payment
  • Fully integrated processing of prepaid items
  • Support for manual checks
  • Flexible import and export features
  • Hold/pay options to pay or hold all or a portion of the invoice
  • User-defined allocation methods for invoices and prepaids
  • Installment payments appear separately with the correct due date in aging reports
  • User-defined aging periods can be based on either the transaction date or the due date
  • “Calculate only” option allows calculation verification prior to posting
  • Support for 1099 paper and magnetic media reporting
  • General ledger transaction dates can be set independently of transaction dates or payment dates
  • Ability to process cash receipts from vendors
  • Ability to create report groups
  • Multi-currency option available
  • Optional e-mail manager module adds capability to distribute customized email messages to specific people when specific business events are triggered in the Prologue database
  • Optional customization module allows you to configure standard reports, as well as the Application Navigator window, within Prologue to meet your institution's needs and work flows, including the entire look and feel
  • Optional sale/purchase tax module handles tax-related processing and reporting for PrologueAccounts Payable and the purchase order module
  • Optional add-on inventory manager module allows you to track stocked inventory items at multiple sites


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