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Prologue™ Investment Portfolio Accounting

Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting integrates portfolio analytics and investment accounting to increase productivity, lower overhead, improve decision-making and enhance customer service.

Operating as a stand-alone or client/server application, Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting streamlines the accounting process for your institution’s portfolio. The system is designed to handle a wide range of security types — including bonds, equities, mutual funds, certificates of deposit and floating-rate instruments — as well as more complex investment instruments, such as collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). In addition, Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting can track wholesale repurchase agreements, FHLB and FED advances, banker’s acceptances, commercial paper and other liability instruments via the optional Fixed Term Liabilities module. The system offers level-yield, straight-line or ratio amortization/accretion and six interest accrual methods.

Additional system features:

  • Maintenance of interest coupon payments and returns of principal
  • Multiple and re-occuring call schedules
  • Tracking of last and next coupon dates for principal and interest payments
  • Tracking of transfers of securities to other type codes or FAS 115 categories
  • Tracking of multiple safekeepers for a single holding, making pledging and the associated safekeeping breakout a seamless process
  • Download feature pulls securities ratings, payment factors, market values, CPRs, average life dates, weighted average coupons and weighted average maturity dates from the FT Interactive Data database
  • Automated SFAS 91 option to calculate life-to-date amortizations and make necessary adjustments
  • Auto-generation of principal and interest payments via assume payments functionality
  • Calculate Only option to ensure accuracy of calculations before posting
  • Automated calculation of interest, amortization/accretion, yields and future cash flows
  • Built-in interface to general ledger systems
  • Compliant with SFAS 115, GAAP, and FASB requirements
  • Robust password security features that were built using the FFIEC examination guidelines, audit trails, and user access controls
  • Investments data can be exported from Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting and easily imported into Data Management System for processing and reporting in Asset/Liability System
  • Management controls:
    • System can be set up to disallow amortization/accretion beyond par value
    • System automatically verifies all dates entered to ensure they are reasonable at the time of entry
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