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Prologue Fixed Assets Accounting

What’s the current net book value of your organization’s equipment, real estate and other business resources, and what are they? Prologue Fixed Assets Accounting gives you the complete picture — right down to the location of each computer, chair and filing cabinet. Prologue Fixed Assets provides complete accounting for purchases, tax, sales, retirements and transfers and accurately tracks depreciation from in-service dates. It’s never been so easy to manage your fixed assets process.

Additional system features:

  • Full integration with Prologue General Ledger and Prologue Accounts Payable
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual depreciation processing for any books
  • Automatic generation of depreciation journal entries for posting in Prologue General Ledger
  • Asset-tracking by organization, type, group, location, class, subclass, vendor and acquisition dates
  • Depreciation-tracking using straight line, declining balance, ACRS, and MACRS methods
    Ability to set up user-defined depreciation schedules
  • Depreciation of single assets across multiple cost centers
  • Depreciation calculation and S179 elections automated for up to eight asset books
  • Depreciation "preview before post" feature
  • Powerful security features such as password protection and an audit trail
  • Book reconciliation and tax reports
  • Interface with other core systems and general ledgers
  • Export capability, including spreadsheet interface
  • Drill-down to Prologue General Ledger depreciation journal entries
  • Attach files and electronic documents to assets, vendors and other records. Generate fixed assets from Prologue Accounts Payable vouchers
  • Comprehensive tax reporting
  • Multicompany option available
  • Adherence to standard IRS depreciation methods and useful lives
  • Register for Live or On-Demand Solution Overviews on Prologue
  • Supports bonus depreciation
  • Optional e-mail manager module adds capability to distribute customized email messages to specific people when specific business events are triggered in the Prologue database
  • Optional customization module allows you to configure standard reports, as well as the Application Navigator window, within Prologue to meet your institution's needs and works flows, including the entire look and feel
  • Optional add-on inventory manager module allows you to track stocked inventory items at multiple sites
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