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Funds Transfer Pricing

High-end profitability management for high-end results

At a time when profitability, as well as growth, is key to a financial institution's success and survival, Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) solution gives you the ability to enhance profits.

Many financial institutions utilize some form of transfer pricing to measure and evaluate the net interest margin ("spread") of products, business lines, officer portfolios, customer relationships and segmentations. However, unless the system motivates profitable actions and provides for comparable performance evaluation there may be little to no benefit realized in terms of earnings enhancement.

Powerful profitability management analysis

Our most sophisticated tool for analyzing net interest margin, FTP allows you to identify spread contributions from assets, liabilities and interest rate risk through a variety of user-defined methods and yield curves. It also provides comprehensive allocation techniques to assess the contribution of individual transactions based on true economic characteristics.

FTP with comprehensive reporting

FTP's built-in range of reports enables analysis of the net-interest margin at any organizational- and product-level desired. Standard reports include current process reporting, variance reporting, funding center reporting, as well as exception and account-level reports.

Integration for maximum profitability management

The integration with all other profitability and reporting products from Risk & Performance Solutions at Fiserv enables users to calculate and report bottom-line profit contribution at the organizational-, product- and customer-level. In addition, FTP integrates with Executive Insight, a Web-enabled, client/server solution for management reporting and analysis, providing multi-dimensional views into an organization's profitability information.

Ask us about Funds Transfer Pricing

Contact us today and take the first step toward highly accurate profitability management analysis. FTP can revolutionize the process for your institution. 

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