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Too often, financial institutions purchase systems to simplify their processing and reporting processes but lack the internal expertise to apply the results generated by the system to Professional Services obtain a significant return-on-investment.

Professional Services from Fiserv can help. We are in the business of providing business intelligence services that help financial institutions like yours take action and develop the internal skills needed to capitalize on technology investments. Our goal is to help you transform the analytical outputs of our products into practical decisions and actions that improve financial and operating performance as well as support regulatory compliance.


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Professional Services offers two service methods. Standard Services provide project-oriented, on-site consulting solutions for financial institutions that want to effectively utilize business intelligence gained from technology. Recurring Services provide recurring professional advice overcontractual time periods. These services are targeted to institutions that are focused on compliance and building their analytical processes without increasing staff levels.


 We can provide a customized service based on your specific needs. Additionally, we can deliver a wide range of standardized services, including:

  • Pricing Strategies for Maximizing Net Interest Income
  • Process Improvement
  • Customer Analysis for Creating Value
  • General Ledger Restructuring
  • Custom Reporting using
  • Asset/Liability Model Optimization
  • Model Validation/Profit Tuning
  • Interpretation and Use of Customer Profitability Results
  • Asset/Liability Policy and Procedures Review
  • ALCO Strategic Reporting Engagements
  • System Analysis Report
  • Troubleshooting Analysis Report


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