Financial Performance
& Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

Sophisticated tools for precise results

Financial institutions require measurement and assessment systems to oversee the net-interest spread, the principal driver of operating earnings. To create a favorable environment for achieving return on assets or earnings per share growth goals, managers need powerful income simulation tools to help budget the interest margin.

The need for strong risk management solutions

At the same time, the assumption of some degree of credit, liquidity and interest-rate risk are unavoidable consequences of lending, investing and funding activities. Organizations need scenario analysis to help reveal the nature and amount of embedded exposure and to limit risk to acceptable levels.

Prologue Risk Manager simulation engines give immediate answers to what if questions, weighing the relative risks and rewards of different business strategies. Each model can test endless interest-rate scenarios. All models allow you to examine individual balance sheet components or the balance sheet as a whole.

Highly informed strategies

A better understanding of your risk position will equip you to plan more effective, and ultimately successful, corporate performance management strategies that benefit your entire organization.

Fiserv risk management solutions include:

Prologue Risk Manager 
An interest-rate risk management solution that lets you analyze multiple scenarios before making important business decisions. You can create what if scenarios for interest-rate risk, market value, duration, gap and budgeting.

Funds Transfer Pricing
A tool for analyzing net interest margin, Funds Transfer Pricing allows you to identify spread contributions from assets, liabilities and interest rate risk through a variety of user-defined methods and yield curves.

Vantage™ Risk and Budgeting Manager
Vantage provides an integrated suite of interest-rate risk, forecasting, planning, organizational profitability, reporting/analysis and scenario modeling tools. Utilizing Microsoft® .NET and Microsoft® SQL Server™ technology, Vantage offers exceptional performance and ease of deployment.

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