Financial Performance
& Risk Management

Budgeting and planning solutions for high-performance management

Budgeting and planning are common to all financial services organizations. Yet as crucial as these processes are, the supporting technologies, data and reporting vary widely — not only from institution to institution, but even by branch, department and officer within the same organization.

Stand-alone planning, budgeting and reporting systems can further complicate the picture. These systems, and the resources and procedures tied to them, restrict an organization's ability to identify trends, test scenarios and build strategies that maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

A budgeting and planning solution for maximum control

What do you need to control and benefit from budgeting and planning? You need a centralized, accurate, consistent perspective on these processes and their impact. Gaining control of this enterprise-wide effort is critical to corporate performance management.

To successfully manage performance, organizations must be able to manage the budgeting and planning process, then trust and implement their results. Budgeting and planning solutions from Fiserv create the cohesion and confidence that are critical for enterprise-wide buy-in.

Fiserv budgeting and planning solutions include:


Vantage provides an integrated suite of interest-rate risk, forecasting, planning, organizational profitability, reporting/analysis and scenario modeling tools. Utilizing Microsoft® .NET and Microsoft® SQL Server™ technology, the Vantage budgeting and planning solution offers exceptional performance and ease of deployment.

Management Planning & Control

Management Planning & Control gives you true enterprise performance management. By directing the focus and actions of your organization through strategic planning, the Management Planning & Control budgeting and planning solution helps you align resources to support your corporate objectives through financial and operational planning, flexible budgeting and realistic forecasting. You can monitor and control performance with meaningful reporting and analysis that lead to improved decision-making.

Get results you can trust and gain a new level of control. Contact us today and learn more about our budget and planning solutions.


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